In Case It Escaped Notice

I have enrolled into the DoFollow BlogRoll. I am so happy to announce this. It is not that I do not want to Follow but I just only discovered how to do it over the weekend! Call me slow or whatever, I am not that technical mah!

Anyway, as soon as I read about it and finally understood how to implement it after reading a few times, I got it done!

If you would like to participate too, you first need a WordPress hosted blog on your own domain. Then download and install the DoFollow plug-in from Semiologic. By the way, they have some of the best WordPress plug-ins. After uploading the plug-in to your plug-in folder, activate it from your WordPress admin panel.

And then create a page for the DoFollow BlogRoll and just copy and paste the blogroll code from Tricia’s page. Drop her a comment and when she adds your blog to the blogroll, you will instantly be linked to all the other blogs that are on the blogroll.

You may wonder what benefits you have by implementing DoFollow. When your reader leave a comment on your blog, it is an instant link back to his/her own site. This will encourage more people to comment on your blog. I am sure all bloggers love more comments. Anyway, the more links there are between you and your readers, the more popular your blog will be and hopefully Google will revise your Page Rank upwards in the next update. I know your Technorati Score will definitely improve!

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