Show Me Some Linky Alexa Love

I’m sure all bloggers have shown some linky love to other blogs but did you know that you can go one step further by showing some Alexa love too? To do so, whenever you add a link to your blogroll or sidebar, you can add this prefix to the URL:

This way, whenever the URL is clicked on, Alexa will be able to record the incoming traffic for this particular URL and hence raising its Alexa traffic rank.

Of course, there are a few other tips and tricks to raise one’s Alexa traffic rank but by adding this prefix to the web address, you are actually NOT manipulating the statistics, just letting Alexa know of an incoming click and aiding Alexa in recording the click and better tracking of traffic.

If you do show me linky love, which I hope you will (please, pretty please!), do remember to add the prefix to my URL like this:

Win a Fireplace Contest

Today, my sister excitedly told me about a win a fireplace contest organized by Desa Corporation where she will stand a chance to win a 32-inch fireplace, including her choice of mantel design and either propane or natural gas.

She said it is like a sweepstakes where she just selects what she would like to win, and fill out the form provided with her personal particulars like name, address, email address and preferred gas type.

She is very excited because Desa Corporation is one of the leading companies dealing in indoor and outdoor heating. According to my sister, if she wins a fireplace, the timing will be just right for the housewarming party that she has planned last month, as the winner will be chosen on July 1st, 2007. I am also excited on her behalf!

A Million Unique Visitors

Recently, Rocky Bru’s blog hit the one million unique visitors mark as tracked by his Site Meter. He was so happy that he threw a party at the National Press Club. If my blogs could garner a million unique visitors cumulatively, not only would I throw a party, heck, I would even pole dance. Only problem is, by then, nobody would want to see an eighty year old pole dance!

But I digress….

What does it take to achieve a million unique visitors? There have been a handful of Malaysian bloggers who have reached that mark and as far as I know, they are all so-po bloggers, blogging on socio-political issues.

A blogger friend once told me, sex, controversies and politics sell. I once wrote about sometime controversial and my traffic shot up tremendously. However, I am no attention whore and I wrote that piece without an agenda, unlike some people who purposely blog on the latest scandals, gossips and what nots.

Yes, traffic, Alexa and Technorati rankings and Page Rank are important, more so for sponsored blogs, but there’s no point blogging on something that you have no passion for but only striking while the iron is hot.

Online Memorial

When I was searching for a memorial company recently for a friend, I came across an Online memorial website that helps people in grieve share their loss of a loved one online.

Registry of Life is a subscription based website where the dead could live on virtually forever. I think this is a great service, especially for families which have settled down in countries far and wide. With an online memorial, anyone with an internet access could share and honor a loved one who has passed on.

Setup is easy and the family could opt to have the memorial page private or public. At only $49.95, it is a small price to pay to have the memory of our loved ones live forever.

Seattle, WA. – The passing of a loved one is difficult but can bring many an opportunity to find meaning and strength. Registry of – a new Web site developed by clinical psychologist Dr. Wayne Dees – provides an interactive way to share memories, stories, and photos of loved ones long after they are gone.

Registry of is an online memorial honoring and celebrating the lives of loved ones who have passed away. Providing a link from the past to the present, the Registry provides a legacy in words, pictures and even music accessible by family, friends and future generations. allows members to create a personal URL for their loved ones and is an easy and beautiful way to continue the legacy of those closest to their hearts. Members can create a customized Web site that includes a photo album with slideshow, a life timeline, music, customized design templates, and a guestbook. It also provides optional password protection to allow personal memories to stay personal. The one-time fee opens the door to a lifetime dedication and allows families and friends to upload memories, share stories, and find strength together, forever.

“As a result of counseling many grieving individuals and understanding how difficult it is for many to tolerate the painful emotions of mourning – it’s wonderful to have a place where families can honor their loved ones, share their memories, and continue their legacy,” explains Dr. Wayne Dees, creator of Registry of

Registry of also features articles on bereavement and loss as well as recommended reading to help individuals cope with the normal but often difficult emotions that arise when dealing with loss: shock, denial, anger, guilt, sadness, and depression, while also helping the griever to move on through awareness, acceptance, and hope.

Registry of includes suggested readings that can help individuals find a productive means of coping, and more importantly, help their loved ones live on forever through their memories and images. Using the Registry can also be a great tool to help educate future generations about their family’s history.

“The Registry can help individuals in coping with the grieving process and to tell the life stories of their loved ones in words, pictures and music,” adds Dees. “We want people to have the opportunity and ability to commemorate the accomplishments and memories that celebrate life rather than focusing on loss.”

About Registry of
Registry of is the creation of Dr. Wayne Dees, a clinical psychologist licensed in the state of Washington and a member of the American Psychological Association and the American Academy of Bereavement. Dr. Dees has worked extensively in the areas of bereavement, grief and loss. He holds a masters degree in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University in Los Angeles, CA, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Spalding University in Louisville, KY. The American Psychological Association approves both programs. Dr. Dees provides individual, couples, and group counseling in Seattle, WA. The Registry of is $49.95 after free 14-day trial period. For more information about Registry of, please visit or email

Blogging More, Blogging Better

Since the day I began to blog for pay, I have been blogging more, flooding the internet with my words and thoughts, so much so that I feel that I have already written a novel as thick as a telephone directory.

Am I a better blogger? I am not sure if my writing has actually improved or by how much but I think I have been writing like I have always been, naturally. Is that good or is that bad? Only the reader can decide, I guess.

I was asked if I would still see myself blogging seven years from now. I most probably will still blog, only perhaps at a slower pace. Will I still be blogging for pay? I guess so, if there are still such demands.

Whatever it is, I am enjoying my time blogging while it lasts.

Reviews From Test Freaks

I was looking for mp3 players recently. There are so many brands out there that I got confused and ended up not buying one.

My friend told me to hold my horses. He said that Testfreaks is launching soon and I can use the site to compare all the brand name mp3 players in the world at the comfort of my home.

That sounds like great news to me because I so am not going to go all over town looking for and testing out mp3 players. With, I will get to read professional gadget reviews, compare prices and make my decision from there.

This Comment Made Me ROTFL

If I thought that the other spam comment was funniest, this one really made me ROTFL. It was left on my post, Keeping Allergens At Bay, three hours after the post was published. Mighty efficient, I must say!

This spammer has actually left me a comment previously but this one is so funny, I just have to make a post for him, sans his link. To understand what his comment is all about, you’ll have to read my post, Keeping Allergens At Bay.

You are so lucky to have time to play with animals and i am so busy that have no time to take care of them. I have seen some lovely pets on [URL deleted]* and really want to buy one of them. It is so wonderful to live with an animal.

The URL that he left, and that I have deleted, is actually of a dating website for black singles. Tell me, is that funny or not? Is he calling the members “lovely pets”?

It still beats me how I am spammed and spammed in context to my post too!

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