Japanese Anime BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo

I have been watching Japanese cartoon since the days of Ultraman and diligently packed in episodes of Dragonball, Sailormoon and Pokemon. It is strange indeed that I find Japanese anime really entertaining despite not knowing Japanese at all and depending solely on subtitles.

Thanks to Cartoon Network, I have my fair share of Japanese anime, the latest is Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo. If you have watched this afro-haired guy before, you will know how hilarious he can be. Many of my friends who are adults also find it highly entertaining and I am not surprised!


Recently, the DVD release of BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo was criticized by fans for having English script. Fans wanted the as original as possible, which Japanese subtitles. Illumitoon actually listened to the fans and offered a trade-in program for anyone who wants to exchange their copy of Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo with English subtitles to one with Japanese translated subtitles. For me, I personally prefer one with English subtitles.


If you are not familiar with BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo, then you should Check out the Official Website!


As a warning though, BoBoBo-Bo BoBoBo’s golden Afro-hairdo will take some getting used to but watch it long enough and you will get to love the guy and his antics.

Finally Caught Up With Blogging

So Easter is finally over and I crazily spent the whole Easter weekend practically blogging and blogging. There was almost no sponsored post to write since it was a three-day holiday weekend in the United States so I took this break to catch up on my blogs. The passion blogs are still sorely neglected, though :-(

Each day, I was churning out more than ten original posts. Not that it was difficult but it can be pretty boring just writing away all alone facing the computer. That’s why I need a laptop or a internet enabled mobile phone so that I can blog lying down on my bed or show off in Coffee Bean hehehe

Thankfully, I have a friend to keep me company via SMS. I would message him via instant messenger and he would receive my text messages on his phone and he would then reply me via SMS. I hope that he would not curse me when his phone bill arrives. SMS from the US to me is not cheap for him hehehe

Longest Blog Comment Chain World Record Attempt

The CEO of PayPerPost, Ted Murphy, is attempting to create a Guinness Book of World Record of the longest blog comment chain. His post, published on the official blog of PayPerPost explains his ambitious attempt, which I am sure, with the help of all posties, is achievable an on target too.

I am not sure if non PayPerPost members would be able to contribute to the comment chain. It would definitely help in Ted’s target of 2000 unique human generated comment chain of at least 25 words each within one week of the published date of the post.

Ted says that the longest comment he has ever seen on a blog post is 350. Well, if I remember correctly, Kathy Sierra’s recent post revealing horrible cyber threats against her pretty much went over a thousand comments of sympathy and support.

In this case, it is a fun blog post that generates fun comments and I always see PayPerPost as an international community where members are always game for something crazy and supportive of the company and the people behind it.

If you are not yet a member of PayPerPost, come and join me by clicking on the Blue & Green Button on my sidebar and you can help to create a Guinness Book of World Record by contributing to the longest comment chain on a single blog post with at least 25 words, within one week of the published date. We’re waiting for you!

Seeking a Solution

I have been trying to find a solution to my problem where I live in a really lightning prone area and each time it rains I have to shut down my computer and unplug all power cables. I have in fact gotten my modem and network card fried TWICE. One when I was a new user and did not know better, another time was when I was just a minute slow in unplugging.

So my problem is that each time it rains, I am unable to use my PC and that spells downtime for me. I know this could be solved with a lightning protector but these do not provide 100% guarantee. I’d have better peace of mind using a battery operated gadget.

I don’t know if I should get a laptop or a mobile phone. These don’t use live power and could be used during thunderstorms where I dare not risk doing for my computer. Like I said, I can’t afford for any downtime at all.

A laptop or a mobile phone is about the same price but like my friend said, I can’t put a laptop into my pocket.

I hate decision making because I am never confident if I am making them right.

“As The World Turns” In Your Home

This is a contest that is too hard to resist posting. If you like watching the soap opera, “As The World Turns”, Click here to enter the contest right now where you will stand to win the chance of having two of the stars Austin Peck and Terri Columbino come to your house to do your housework, plus, you will also receive a check of $5000.

If you have ever wondered what it is like to spend the day with celebrities, this is you chance to find out. Not only will you get to spend time with them, you will get to have them at home, doing your chores!

Yvonne Foong – Heart 4 Hope

I have been so caught up with work, monkeys, life and blogging that I had absolutely gave up on blog hopping. Today, however, I had some free time on my hands and decided to check out a couple of blogs, one of them was the blog of Yvonne Foong.

I am sure many of us are already familiar with her name and her cause in raising funds for her medical treatment. The latest I read about her today is that she is raising funds to save her eyesight.

So, as a fellow blogger, I feel that I should help to spread the word so that Yvonne can reach her targeted amount sooner and that she can proceed with her medical treatment as planned.

Currently, Yvonne is holding a few auctions of beautiful dresses. She has these dresses listed on eBay Malaysia but everybody is welcome to bid and win as shipping is free courtesy of DHL so no matter where you live, if you like the dresses and would like to help Yvonne out, do check out her website-cum-blog at http://yvonnefoong.com/ for her latest news and items for sale.

Your support is very much appreciated. Thank you.

Home Owner Insurance Quotes

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My cousin is a first time home owner and does not know much about mortgage or home insurance but she went online to check out the information that is available on the internet.

She found an insurance portal with comprehensive information not only on home insurance, but also auto, health, life and other insurance. Also, she was able to seek home owner insurance quotes from SecureInsuranceQuotes.com.

My cousin told us that SecureInsuranceQuotes.com has very useful information for homeowners across the country and is able to render the best insurance quotes whether they are Arizona insurance quotes or Nevada, like hers.

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