Windows Mobile

I am just dying for a new mobile phone because the one I am using now is giving me too much trouble. It has been acting up for a long time already, and I have just held on, and now I think I have had enough.

But with so many choices of phones in the market, and honestly, I do have the budget for any high end phone right now, I still cannot decide which one to buy.

I am planning to go with Nokia Lumia 1020 because of it’s apparently awesome camera, or maybe the Lumia 1520 because I just love 6in screens.

But then again, the Lumia trademark will probably be taken off the market next year when Microsoft completely takes over Nokia.

Moreover, Nokia Lumia runs Windows, which my friend advised, is not work getting simply because buy pills

its apps store isn’t as mature iOS or Android.

So, how?? sale duetact

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