Waiting For Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0

I am waiting for Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 to be released in the Malaysian market. When is it coming???

Earlier, my friend suggested that I get the Note 2, but I feel that at 5.5in, it is too large to use it as my primary phone.

And so he said that i should get the 10.1in. Wouldn’t that be too heavy and bulky?

I already have a 7in tablet, a Huawei MediaPad, and do not plan to get another 7incher, but now that Samsung is coming out with an 8in Note, I think that’s the most appropriate size for me.

But then again, I am already carrying three devices: my mobile phone, a secondary phone and an iPod Touch. That’s in addition to my camera. Bah! No wonder my bag is getting heavier and heavier!

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One thought on “Waiting For Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0”

  1. Aside the S-Pen functionality, I don’t see any reason to upgrade to Note 8.0 from my Tab 7.7.
    I wish Samsung would make the successor of the 7.7 and leave the Note series to the phablets. They just seem to milk the success of the S and Note series phones.

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