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A friend, who just started a new restaurant in town, plans to set up a website for his business, to create online exposure. It’s so new, and as a stand-alone restaurant, it is a really difficult task to break into the market, unless he has something different to offer. I haven’t visited his restaurant since his launch so I can’t tell right now. He did brief me on his concept but I don’t see how outstanding it is, yet.

He asked me for a helping hand with the website, seeing how I have been online for so many years already but I do not have the time to guide him from scratch. I did, however, sent him an email with links to resources that he could read, review and decide. And I told him that the first thing he should do is to get a webhost.

I suggested he check out webhosting choice which has a good list of the current top ten web hosting companies, listing out their price, specifications and features. Most of all, these web hosting service providers are given a rating score, which could be a good guideline for us on which are the better ones.

When subscribing to a web hosting package, 24/7 technical assistance is most important to me. Maybe others require something else. The best thing is so check and compare first before committing to a plan.

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