Mobile Photo-Sharing App Instagram Sold For US$1 billion

Facebook has announced, earlier this week, that they are acquiring popular mobile photo-sharing application, Instagram, for US$1 billion, in cash and shares. This certainly has made the developers instantly wealthy. Strangely, the app, which is free and used to be available for iPhone users only, never made a dime. And now, just a week after making it available for Android phones, it has made US$1 billion. Seeing that it is acquired by Facebook, it will soon be on that social network as well.

Personally, although I have Instagram installed on both my iPhone and Motorola which runs Android, I have never used this app before. I am not much of a sharer of personal photos but what really turned me away was that I had to register to start using the app. Bah!

Well, come to think of it, I could soon log in with my Facebook ID. Hah!

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