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My friend, a photojournalist, sent me a text message the other day, telling me that his photos of a luxurious retreat were not retrievable from his camera’s memory card. He said that he’s lucky he took some photos using his mobile phone camera, though it’s a pity that the quality is not great. I offered to email him some of my photos but photojournalists derive satisfaction from seeing the beautiful photos that they have shot themselves. I certainly understand his disappointment.

I just came across this Photo Recovery Software which I think he should try. His memory card was somehow corrupted and he was forced to format it. According to the website of Hetman Recovery, this is not a big deal.

I like it that this photo recovery software will scan and recover images from hard, external, USB drives, memory cards for free. If you are satisfied with the images that the software managed to recover, you have to buy it in order to save the images. This means that you only pay if you are happy with the software.

If you take a lot of photos, this is the software that you should have. You wouldn’t want to lose your images that have been accidentally deleted. Come to think of it, it’s high time I try restoring photos of my two dogs.

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