WordPress.org Security Breach

WordPress.org suffered a security breach the other day, and three plug-ins AddThis, WPtouch, and W3 Total Cache were found to have backdoor Trojans. People at WordPress.org rolled back these three plug-ins as a temporary measure to shut out the backdoor Trojans after confirming that the developers of these three plug-ins did not make any such changes to their plug-ins.

As a blogger with multiple WordPress blogs, I cannot remember which of my blogs are using any of these plug-ins. I know I used to use AddThis but would have to check every single blog to see which one still uses it. Bleh… My friend told me that i shouldn’t install plugins unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Obviously, I only install what I need and the reason WordPress is so popular is because it’s powerful thanks to all the plug-ins that make it function how we want it to. Duh!

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