Change Your LastPass Online Password Manager Password

When I first started to get online and began registering with numerous websites, I was overwhelmed with my login IDs and passwords and thought that online password managers were the best thing created after slice bread. After a while, I realised that I cannot put my faith in online password managers because once that server gets hacked, ALL my accounts will be gone.

This morning, while checking technology news, I read that LastPass, a rather popular online password manager, has issued an alert to users, and advised all to change their master password. LastPass noticed “a network traffic anomaly” and thinks that it is a hacking attempt.

Right now, we have no idea if LastPass really has been hacked so it’s best to quickly change your master password to LastPass first and if you can, change the password of your important websites. In any case, you really should allow an online password manager to manage your password, particularly to financial websites.

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