List Post Tags On A Page (WordPress)

Today, I suddenly had the idea to list out all my tags used on my WordPress blog posts and put them all in a new Page. On one of my blogs, I have 99 tags and I find that it’s not friendly to my readers to have to access my post first and then only click on a tag.

So I went searching for WordPress plugins to see which could meet my requirements. So this is how I did it.

I first used Tag Dropdown Widget WordPress plugin to list out all my tags. This goes in a sidebar widget, with the option to list out the tags in a full list or drop down menu. I could also choose to have my tags listed by alphabetical order or the most used tag at the top. In addition, I could also set the number or tags shown.

Once Tag Dropdown Widget has been set up, I install another WordPress plugin called Add Widgets To Page. As you probably already know, we cannot put our widgets in a Page so I have to use a plug in to make this work. I’d have to say that although Add Widgets To Page worked for me as I wanted it to, it is not perfect because I cannot undo some of my “mistakes”, though these are all on my backend and hidden from public view.

I couldn’t delete the widget settings that I accidentally created even though there is a delete button. I had to go to my Cpanel, then phpMyAdmin and then WP-Options. Scroll through all the tables and the edit the table associated with Add Widgets To Page.

WordPress plugins used:
1. Tag Dropdown Widget
2. Add Widgets To Page

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