How To Disable Camera Prompt For Apple iPhone

If you don’t use your iPhone camera regularly, I am sure you will feel that it is quite irritating to have the prompt pop-up asking you for an action when you dock your iPhone to your computer and to charge. It’s ANOTHER click of the mouse which I think is unnecessary.

If you want to disable that prompt, just connect your iPhone as usual, click Cancel when the prompt pops up. Then go to “My Computer” and you will see the ugly Apple iPhone icon. By the way, this icon only appears when the iPhone is connected. And this is also where you manage the photos that you have taken with your iPhone.

Anyway, right click on this icon and select “Properties”. A window will pop up so select “Events” tab. You will be able to see the four different actions you will like the iPhone to take once it is connected to the computer.

As you can see in the image here, “Take no action” is what I have selected. True enough, the prompt never pops up and annoys me anymore whenever I dock my iPhone!

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