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Today, I had to write a formal letter. I had not written one in a long time and I had to search the internet for samples and format. It was just a short letter and it took me such a long time. Imagine if I was asked to write an essay. Well, I haven’t written any since leaving school!

I remember how I struggled with my essay writing. It’s not to say that I have a poor command of the language but it’s time consuming to come up with thousands of words based on a specific factual subject. I wish that there was an essay writing service back then.

Students these days are so fortunate to have at their disposal services like essay writing, book reports, research papers and even dissertations. Some students hire proofreaders to go through their essays to make sure there are no errors, and most importantly, check for coherence of thought.

GetEssay is a company that offers professional writing services. The experts can handle whatever topic that you throw at them. Best of all, they are available 24/7. Obviously, this is not the only company that offers such writing services but GetEssay has anti-plagiarism check (free plagiarism report with a value of $15 is provided) so you will have peace of mind that every assignment is original.

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