Moving WordPress Blogs Across Servers

I had some problems with my server and my friend suggested that I separate all my blogs into different servers, basically one domain name, one server. That was an excellent idea, I thought but the problem is that no one was willing to do it for me since I have quite a few blogs!

The friend who proposed this was about to do it for me after letting me wait one weekend but then something came up with his own blogs, and he was not free to take care of my problems. So OK, I waited another week. Unfortunately, my new server was so slow, we were both fed-up of waiting. When it was normal again, I decided that I should postpone migration as now I doubt if I should do it.

And then my friend said that i should learn to do it myself. He said that he too learned to do it himself and if I do not learn, since I have so many blogs, I would forever be relying on others. Don’t forget, I’m not asking him to do it for me for free. if he doesn’t want to earn some pocket money, then fine!

Right now, I am reading up on how to move my WordPress blogs from one server to another. It doesn’t seem as easy as my friend said it is. Bluff me!

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