My WordPress Blog Is Broken

The thing that I have dreaded the most since hosting my own blog has happened. While this is not the first time this has happened, this is definitely the first time that I am not able to fix it within one day. At the time of writing, it’s almost two days now and as you can imagined, I am totally stressed out.

This happened when I installed a plugin and when it did not work as it was supposed to, I installed and reinstalled, activated and deactivated and I guess this was when it happened. Now, even with this offending plugin removed, some of my other plugins aren’t functioning like they used to and they are all messing up my blog, so much so that I have to disable them for the time being.

The problem is that this happened to not one but two of my WordPress blogs and while I could fix one blog by just deleting my .htaccess file, the other couldn’t be fixed this way. Believe me, I have tried all possible ways to replicate the solution on the second blog but it’s just not happening and I am at a dead-end.

While I may be able to live with two of the three plugins that no longer work, there is one critical plugin that I must get working and the longer it doesn’t work, the uglier my blog looks to me. Lesson to learn, don’t simply install plugins. There will be no technical support provided most of the time!

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One thought on “My WordPress Blog Is Broken”

  1. It’s very frustrating when WordPress suddenly falls over for some reason. I had an issue over the weekend after upgrading to 3.1 (or whatever the latest version is), which seemed to break some of the functionality of the theme I was using.

    Luckily I found a fix, but I could do without it. Plugin problems are a pain too and if you’ve got a lot of plugins it can take a while to find out what is conflicting with what else.

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