Malaysian Women Victims of Scam 419 Online

I read with concern that there seems to be more cases of Scam 419 in Malaysia where victims got to know these scammers via Facebook, and of course, other social networks. These scammers start milking cash from victims after a few months of intensive chatting online.

Perhaps the reason I felt that there are more cases because victims are coming out to lodge police reports and inform the media so that others do not fall victim to such scams. Or maybe there really are more people falling victim because more and more women are getting on the internet.

I wonder why, although there are plenty of such reports featured in the papers, there are still people continue to be victimised and only realise that they have conned when they have lost tens of thousands of Ringgit. By then, it would already be too late and they would be heavily in debt.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that Malaysian women are more foolish than women in other countries. There are victims all over the world. And obviously, not only women become victims. Even men get conned too.

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