Tweaking Search Engine Optimisation

I am forced to migrate my blog to another server, either this weekend or next. It will depend on when my friend is able to help me with it. For the past two months, my blog has exceeded its monthly bandwidth limit and even though I am offered cheaper seo services, I dare not take these offers up because my server couldn’t handle the surge in web traffic.

Once I have migrated my blog to a new unlimited bandwidth hosting package though, I will go all out to fine tune my current search engine optimisation because my blog will then be “Digg proof” and would be able to better handle whatever onslaught of traffic. Oh yes, I do wish for that onslaught! After all, traffic means money!

Although this friend also could help with search engine optimisation, I feel bad to ask him to help me with it since he is helping to migrate my WordPress blog for free. I can’t be too greedy, can I?

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