Bandwidth Theft

I read my friend’s blog almost every day and at the end of last month, was quite surprised that he has exceeded his bandwidth. I sent him a text message to let him know about it and he was shocked because he has a pretty huge bandwidth quota on his package.

After checking, he found out that a few of his images have been hotlinked and this has caused his server to overload. That’s why even though his traffic has remained constant, his bandwidth has been used up. Those of us who host our own websites and blogs always face this issue.

My friend is currently trying lots of ways to prevent his images from being hotlinked but would like to allow some domains to hotlink those images, domain that he owns as well. I think this is called “selective hotlinking”. However, he hasn’t been successful despite adding codes to his .htaccess file and even using a short cut way through a WordPress plug-in.

HHmm I guess I will wait for his solution and then apply it on my own site since I have been bogged with bandwidth quota limit for the past two months.

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