Reducing My Blog Bandwidth Usage

I have been faced with bandwidth issues that most webmasters will face one time or another, especially when a post suddenly became viral. I actually have two hosting accounts; one large one which hosts all my self-hosted blogs and websites which has generous bandwidth allowance and another smaller hosting package which I only host ONE website that nobody reads.

The lone website, though, has picked up in popularity in recent months and one time, suddenly became inaccessible because of bandwidth limit. Until then, I have never took notice of my allocated bandwidth which is only a measly 5000MB, or slightly short of 5GB per month and that’s only MONTHLY allocation! And I have maxed out on my allocation for the past two months.

Today, I am busy trying to reduce load on the server because there is still another week to go for the month. I hope that the stuff I did is sufficient for the time being!

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