Migrating WordPress Blog To Another Server

It looks like even though I have already streamlined my WordPress blog as much as I could, I am still using a lot of bandwidth. My web host has told me that I should upgrade to the next package, which would double my cost, and double my disk space and bandwidth but I am not willing because I have been paying, these past three years, a price that I should be getting this “double of everything” package. And besides, my host didn’t help me to look for bandwidth leak and kept asking me to upgrade, which is not a solution right now.

So I am thinking of migrating my WordPress blog to my primary monster hosting account which is allocated with 100,000 MB bandwidth which is shared with a few lower traffic blogs. Now, the problem is how to do that. I have been researching the web and people are saying to backup databases and move files from one server to another. That sounds easy but I know that it is not this easy when one actually does it.

I have found some WordPress plugins that promise to clone our WordPress blog which we can then restore it on another server. HHmmm they are not cheap though, and engaging the services of WordPress migration is US$100 per blog!


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