Tired of Blogging?

I recently read a bunch of blogs where the bloggers claim that they are tired of blogging already and that if not for the money they are making through their blogs through various means of advertisements, they wouldn’t even bother with their blogs anymore. Some would say that it’s because they have PR5 or something so that means they are making good money.

I personally feel that if they have such sentiments about blogging, then they can’t be writing too well. You know, if a blogger decides to stop blogging, it would be fine with the readers. We accept the fact that sometimes there are other priorities in life that are in the forefront at this juncture of the blogger’s so it’s all right. There are many other blogs out there that are just as interesting to follow.

Although I have a handful of blogs, some that I am keeping totally “clean”, I still continue to blog as I have always done, without feeling bored, without feeling like it’s a burden to blog. I don’t think of it as a chore. If no ideas come to be then so be it. There’s no harm leaving the blog without an update for a few days, even a month. We didn’t sign an agreement that our blog has to be updated daily, right?

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One thought on “Tired of Blogging?”

  1. It’s the age-old wisdom, “Do what you love, or it’s not worth doing.” Even if you’re making money with a blog, the moment it becomes “un-fun”, you need to re-evaluate your priorities and determine if it’s something you’re just in a “funk” with and push forward, or if it’s something that’s truly making you unhappy.

    My two cents.

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