Tablet Or Netbook?

I have been travelling a lot over past few months since February and I am thinking of lightening the load of my backpack. because of the nature of my work, I have to take along my notebook wherever I go and because of security concerns, I try not to use public computers or even unsecured internet connections.

My friend, who owns a Samsung Galaxy S, told me that I should just get a Galaxy S too but I have tried it out and don’t feel like it’s a work tool but more like an entertainment device, like what the iPhone is to me.

So I’m thinking maybe I should get a tablet. Working on it would probably be a lot slower than notebook but it would probably be almost the same speed as working on the netbook because of its processor speed. However, a tablet would be something different that I could also use at home.

But then when I think about it, I could be better off getting a really thin, lightweight but full-fledged notebook. It would surely serve me the best, though it’s not as fancy as a netbook and certainly not as eye-catching as a tablet.

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One thought on “Tablet Or Netbook?”

  1. I think you should just get a really thin notebook. A notebook has lots of features that can’t be found on a tablet, so in the long run, you can actually benefit more. Just my 2 cents.

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