New Gmail Design

Gmail received a slight tweak to its design yesterday, particularly to the Contacts page. We also now have links to Mail, Contacts and Tasks at the top of the sidebar, above a prominent Compose mail button.

While everyone is saying how much easier it is to use this new layout now and the new Contacts page, it will take me a while to get used to the new placement of the links. I’m not saying that it’s difficult to use but after years of finding something in a particular spot on the page and it’s no longer there, or has been replaced by something else, I now have to do a quick double take composing or access my list of contacts.

Of course, Gmail developers are raving about the ease of use of the new Gmail redesign, especially Contacts and it may be so, but really, I hate to have my stuff moved about, just like how a visually impaired person hates to have his furniture moved. LOL

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