Yahoo! Travel Magazine Lists Top Ten Travel Destinations

The German language of Yahoo! Travel Magazine has listed the top ten travel destinations and Malaysia is one of the countries being listed alongside seriously affordable countries like Thailand, India and Sri Lanka in Asia. Langkawi received special mention in the article thanks to its sandy beaches, palm trees and coral reefs. Other countries that make up the top ten list are Mexico, Croatia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Egypt and Hungary.

Although the Ringgit has been strengthening lately, the Euro is still many times stronger than it. While we know that most holidaymakers look for a beautiful country that they would enjoy traveling in and at the same time as affordable as possible so as to stretch their holiday budget to the max, it is surprising that the Government has been urging hotels to raise their room rates because they are “too cheap”!

If these hotels were to heed this advice, I don’t think holidaymakers will find Malaysia as affordable as it used to be anymore!

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