“Doodle 4 Google – I love Football” Competition For Children

Google has just announced a competition called “Doodle 4 Google – I love Football” for children and teenagers around the world from 4 to 17 years old. I think that this theme is inspired by FIFA World Cup that will begin in June. Participants will have to come up with an original design of a Google logo that centralizes on the theme of football. For your information, some people know football as soccer.

Google says that submissions will be judged on artistic merit, creativity and the representation of the theme of “I Love Football”. I think that because of the vast difference in age, this competition will be broken down in a few categories. I am not sure about this though, but it is certainly not possible for a four year old to compete with a 17 year old.

All national winners will be automatically entered into the global competition where entries from around the world will be open for votes from the public. The overall winning design will be used on Google homepage of all participating countries sometime in July, 2010.

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