Quality Eyeglasses For Less

Over the long Spring Holidays, I had the opportunity to meet up with many of my old schoolmates. Most are mothers to young children now and they tell me that they are having a difficult time keeping up with their antics. One thing they have in common is that they tell me they replace their eyeglasses very frequently now because the kids keep trashing them!

Most people would know that replacing prescription glasses could cost a fortune but if you know where to get them cheaply, you would be saving a lot of money! Zenni Optical has been mentioned in an article on Examiner.com here which confirms that prescription glasses are sold as cheaply as $8. Where else are you able to find prescription glasses at this price?

The reason Zenni Optical is able to offer quality prescription eyeglasses is because they have done away with middlemen since they are selling their own manufactured frames and pay no advertising dollars. By keeping their prices low, they have passed on such savings to their customers.

If you are someone looking for branded eyeglasses only, this is not the place for you but if fashionable frames are your cup of tea, you surely would be able to find something that catches your eye from Zenni’s huge collection!

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