The Desire For Education

I come from a family of high achievers. My cousins are scholarship holders and my uncle and my aunt are well-known educators in the country. I didn’t have the chance to study after high school and I only have myself to blame for not studying hard enough to gain a scholarship too.

I started working after high school and have done quite well so I thought that I can say goodbye to books forever. However, the desire to continue my studies hit me a couple of years ago but it’s funny that now that I could afford to pay my fees, I no longer have the time!

Right now, I have two options, to attend college or to study online. It’s more convenient to study online but my friend, Paul who is based in New York City, suggested that I attend a college, a REAL college. He said that there are many colleges in New York City where I could study whatever I want. The choices are limitless unlike studying online where I would only have a few courses to choose from.

He is right, of course. But the reason that I have procrastinated so far is the lack of time for books, as mentioned earlier, and the fact that until now, I cannot decide what I want to study!

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