Apple iPad

Apple announced its latest innovation today, called the iPad. It’s a huge screen that could be an eBook reader, an electronic photo frame, a portable music and video player and a web browser all rolled into one. Of course, to list out all its amazing functions would be too tedious but you can just think of it as the large version of an iPhone minus the phone part.

A friend told me that he had wanted to buy a Kindle for his niece, a bookworm, but now that the iPad is here, he may upgrade to the iPad instead. However, the iPad is more than twice the price of the Kindle!

Also from what I read on the website of Apple, the wi-fi version of the iPad will only be shipped this March while the 3G version will only ship this April. I wonder if the 3G version will also be wi-fi capable because I don’t want a gadget that has an exclusive connectivity only. If the 3G version also is wi-fi capable, then it is worth considering. Let’s just hope the price will adjust lower a little. Hehehe…

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