Undersea Fiber Optic Cable Ready In January, 2010

The undersea fiber optic cable that links South East Asia to America, a collaborative effort by leading telecommunications companies in the region, including Telekom Malaysia (TM), is said to be ready for service in January, 2010.

All of us here who need high speed internet connection are excited with the impending new service (cable carries a bandwidth of 1.92 terabits per second) but I can’t help but wonder how much we will be charged.

At the moment, I am paying MYR110 monthly for a 1MB package while my friends, who are subscribed to a 4MB package, only pay MYR160! The difference in price is so slight yet I am only getting a quarter of their speed but what could I do when the area I am living in does not support that speed? SIGH!

I know that at first, this new package will be expensive but I think that it would be a breakthrough and sooner or later, the price will drop. Perhaps then would be a good time to switch subscriptions!

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