Search Engine Optimization The Intelligent Way

As a semi-professional blogger running a slew of blogs with various niches, I try to keep track of my keywords and their rankings on major search engines, backlinks, traffic, Google Page Rank, Technorati Rank and other statistics. I have to admit though, that sometimes laziness creeps in and I slack in my attention towards this end of blogging which affects traffic to my blogs, hence affecting revenue from my blogging activities.


If you are a professional blogger or in the business of search engine optimization, SEOintelligence offers SEO Tools that are very helpful in tracking the above-mentioned statistics and data intelligently and without hassle because you can set up to have reports sent to you according to an interval that you are comfortable with; daily, weekly or monthly. This way, you could go through the reports at your convenience and wouldn’t feel overwhelmed with data.

SEOintelligence is offering a no-obligation two week free trial to try out their features and functions. You could use this service to improve on your search engine rankings in a simple and cost-effective manner. If you are satisfied with the service and would like to continue using it, SEOintelligence charges US$39.95 per month for tracking of up to five domains but you can request for custom pricing if you manage more than five.


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