October: National Cyber Security Awareness Month

A couple of weeks ago, my friend, May, suffered the agony of changing ALL passwords across websites. She had to do this after discovering that her credit card information has been compromised and there were charges to the card from online purchases which she never initiated.

May is only one person in millions who are victims of cyber fraud. One thing that most of us internet users do is to use the same password for all websites that we are registered to, including email accounts, social networking accounts and worst of all, PayPal and internet banking accounts. May was sore and I didn’t dare ask her if this was what she did but she now knows that she has to use a unique password for each and every website she logs in to.

Google Blog has a post on choosing smart passwords although all the points are common sense that we already know but never take the trouble to put into practice. This post is a good reminder for us to do so. We definitely do not want to be forced to do it like May, do we?

P/S: “National” here means the United States.

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