Geographical Location of Web Servers

As mentioned in an earlier post, the blogging world is abuzz with the changes that Federal Trade Commission (FTC) will impose come 1st December, 2009. Since the bombshell finally dropped earlier this month, I have read many bloggers’ opinions on this issue.

These changes will only affect bloggers in America and it is certainly understandable why they are jittery even though they are not doing anything wrong. After all, a US$11,000 fine per violation is not a joke and it is not going to be easy to prove that one did not receive compensation in any form for writing a blog post.

Anyway, I read that some bloggers have chosen the drastic move to migrate their blogs to web servers outside of the United States just to be on the safe side. Don’t get them wrong, they will still be writing reviews as honestly as they have been doing but they are just not taking any chances with the FTC. Moreover, the United States is a champion of free speech and to disclose or not is really up to the blogger.

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