Bye Bye Google PageRank?

A friend informed me that Google PageRank seemed to be missing from her Google Webmaster Central account already. Curious, I did a search online and quite a few people have blogged about it already.

Apparently, Google says that they are removing Google PageRank because too many webmasters are obsessed with it already. Moreover, it is no longer as important or relevant when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google PageRank used to be a pretty good yardstick to measure the importance of a website but due to “statistical imbalances” it is removed.

I personally think that while we are no longer able to see this data, it is still available somewhere in Googleville. We just can’t see it, hence there’s no chance for us to be obsessed with it any longer.

You know, since Google bombed the PageRank of all my blogs and websites, some even became victims by association I no longer cared what PageRank my blogs and websites have. I do admit that I was pretty obsessed at first, especially when I first started to understand the importance of it and but that Google PageRank bomb was an excellent cold turkey cure. Frankly, at this point, whether Google PageRank is still here or not no longer makes a difference.

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