Visual Search Comes To Bing

Bing, Microsoft’s very own search engine, has a new feature called Visual Search. It is still in Beta right now so visual results are limited to only the most popular of topics but currently includes celebrities, sports, politicians and entertainment.

Using Bing’s Visual Search, you would need to have Microsoft’s Silverlight 3 installed on your computer to be able to display visual results in what we iTunes users know as “cover flow”. I use the iPhone and have to say that cover flow is nice to look at but it is not that user friendly. Maybe I am just a fuss pot. LOL

But in any case, whether Visual Search is here or not, unfortunately, I have not even used Bing once since its launch! I guess Visual Search will not be something that would convert me from a Google Search to a Bing user but I will surely give it a trial run later just to see how good it is!

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