Gmail Temporarily Unavailable

This morning, I accessed my Gmail as I do daily and was a little shocked when I received a note on my screen saying that my Gmail was temporarily unavailable. I hardly ever encounter this before but I cannot say never, though. This time was a little different with the server error code of 500. Even the display page was a little different.

Anyway, even though I do not have anything important in my email, when I couldn’t access my account when I wanted to and it doesn’t work as it should, I get pissed off and then my heart sinks thinking that may be a problem with my account and that my email has been wiped out.

You know, we have so many email stored in various folders, I am sure we wouldn’t even notice anything different if one or two mails went missing until we want certain information and go digging for it in our archived mail.

Luckily, this happened for just a short while and I was able to access my account upon pressing F5. And then I was able to breathe again. LOL

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