Import Mail and Contacts From Other Accounts To Gmail

A few months ago, Gmail rolled out a very important feature that allows Gmail users to import email and contact information from other accounts to Gmail. Other accounts include Yahoo!, Hotmail and AOL just to name a few major email service providers.

The bad news was that the feature was only available to new Gmail users. Those of us who had been using Gmail since the beginning were not able to enjoy moving our old email baggage that easily.

The good news is that last week, Gmail has made this feature available to all Gmail accounts. Well, they are rolling it out in stages so some users would get it first, some may experience a delay. Check if you can enjoy this feature already from Settings > Accounts & Import.

Even though I already have this for my Gmail account, I would still prefer to move my old email manually. I would then be able to ensure that each and every mail that matters is moved. Not that I don’t trust Gmail but I like to be safe.

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