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A little while back I introduced InTheRooms , which is a leading recovery website that caters to people who are recovering from any form of addiction. I think that this is the kind of support that recovering members welcome because everyone in the community is going through something similar and they can provide the friendship, understanding and support that people who are not in the same boat cannot.


If you use Facebook (who doesn’t these days?), you would be happy to know that there is a new InTheRooms Facebook App that allows you to add a box to your profile which displays your time in recovery. On the other hand, if you would like to protect your identity, you could also add your time to In The Rooms community.

Time is very important for someone who is recovering. Even though I do not have personal experience, I have friends who would report to me jubilantly how many days or months that they are clean, from smoking for example. That is one difficult habit to kick!

If you are coming out of one form of addiction or another, using this Facebook app by In The Rooms would probably strengthen your resolve to be clean. Try it out, and good luck!


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