GeoCities Closes On 26th Oct, 2009

I remember writing about Yahoo!’s announcement that they will be closing Geocities sometime at the end of the year, though they did not mention an exact date. Well, it is now revealed that 25th October, 2009 will be the final day that our GeoCities website will be live.

I remember telling a friend, who still has a GeoCities website about this and she said that she would have to copy her posts from GeoCities to WordPress free blog. No, she will not be moving her website to Yahoo! Web Hosting.

I know of another friend who is still keeping his GeoCities website although he has his own popular website now. I thought that he had already migrated all his content but he said that he hasn’t. I will have to remind him of this and let him know the deadline. Yahoo! says that from 26th October, 2009 onwards, GeoCities webmasters will not be able to access any of their files or photos.

If you still have a live GeoCities website, you may want to take up this friend’s idea of copying all content over to free WordPress or Blogger blog.

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