Blogger Blog – Identified As A Potential Spam Blog

How awful. I just received an email from Blogger that my Blogger blog has been identified as a potential spam blog. I was reluctant to click on the link to request for a review at first since I have been training myself to avoid clicking on links that come in email, instant messages, private messages and social network sites.

I did a search online and found that quite a few Blogger blog owners have received a similar email. The bad thing about it is that Blogger threatens to delete our blog in 20 days if we do not request for a review.

So far, it looks like even those who are using their own domains names but have their blogs hosted by Blogger are also affected so it looks like if you have a blog on Blogger but with your own domain name, you might as well pay for cheap hosting.

I hope that my blog will pass this review and they would not accidentally delete my blog. in any case, I have already backed up my Blogger blog. Geee don’t you hate it when the survival of your blog is threatened like that?

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One thought on “Blogger Blog – Identified As A Potential Spam Blog”

  1. They suspened mail accounts, not caring for the important data in our mail account. They ban blogs.
    They do what ever they want, some one should put a break to thei monopoly.

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