Sears Clearance Sale Up To 80% Off

My friend, Terrence, is a professional photo and video blogger. He goes all over the country, and even overseas to bring news and information of public interest to his readers, even going out to sea or into dense jungle, just for blog content!

The other day, he told me that he stepped on a nail while covering an animal shelter farm and the nail poked through the sole of his Crocs. I felt very bad as I was the one who recommended Crocs to him.

This morning, I found out that Sears is running an awesome sale on Fall and Winter apparel where we would be able to receive 75-80% off original prices and this will be ongoing until 18th April, 2009.

Of course, I just have to check out to see what they have and found this pair of DieHard SureTrack 8 in. boots that is just what my friend needs. This would surely protect his feet where ever he walks and my friend is on foot all the time just to get a good story!

As for myself, I found this lovely London Times twist front halter bubble velvet dress selling at a steep discount. Original price was $68 and it’s now only $17.99! What a steep discount. I wonder if I would look good in it.

If you are looking to change a new wardrobe, see if there’s anything that catches your eyes. Be quick, though, as stocks are limited.

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