Hotmail Outage

A couple of days ago, I was a little worried when I could not access my Hotmail. Since I access my Hotmail account through various ways from Windows Live Mail, Outlook Express, iPhone and Nokia E61i, at first I thought nothing of it when I kept getting a prompt to ask for confirmation of my user ID and password. This happens sometimes when the server could not be connected but I know that my user ID and password are correct as I could access my mail without problems normally.

After a long while getting the irritating prompt, I went to my Hotmail account directly and was shocked to see the message, “You don’t have an inbox … yet”. You bet my heart fell to my stomach. LOL

Although I use Gmail and Yahoo! Mail too, Hotmail remains my primary web-based email account and I still do receive important email here. I was afraid that I would never see any of them anymore.

Luckily, this lasted for maybe two hours or less, and I was able to access my Hotmail account again. PHEW! Thank God for small mercies!

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