Microsoft Lays Off 1,400 Immediately

Just after announcing that they would be laying off approximately 5,000 people from their workforce, Microsoft announced that 1,400 people would have to go immediately. Compensation plans were not mentioned but it is said that over the 1.5 years that a total of 5,000 jobs will be cut, they still plan to employ a couple of thousand new people, probably at a lower pay.

In addition to this, Microsoft, like Yahoo! announced that they will be freezing pay increases (hahaha!) but at the same time, may increase payroll for some departments.

I think that if you are with Microsoft right now, you should expect too much, you know what I mean? One would be lucky to not be a part of statistics in the 5,000 layoff. While 5,000 is still a big number, it is just a third of the 15,000 lay offs rumoured since last year.

In any case, this recession is going to be long and hard for many of us.

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