Where To Buy Designer Costume Jewelry?

My sister posed this question to me a couple of days ago. You see, she would like to buy costume jewelry for her colleagues. The funny thing is that although her works in a store that sells designer costume jewelry and would be able to receive staff price on her purchases, she would not be able to buy the as gifts for her colleagues because the prices are way too steep even with discounts. Besides, her colleagues work there as well and would know how much each piece is!

Coincidentally, I was recommended Holsted Jewelers two months ago. While I have never shopped with them before, I cannot deny that I am captivated by the sparkle of their designer costume jewelry. Also, I am glad to note that their prices are very reasonable, what more with their holiday discounts in conjunction with Christmas which are most welcomed by shoppers during this time of economic distress.

My sister will probably be able to find appropriate gifts of costume jewelry here because of the wide range of designs that match her budget too.

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