Obama Shirtless Pictures

My friend, a problogger in Malaysia, once taught me that the art of gaining traffic from organic searches is to keep blogging about the keyword of the day. Duh, I tell you, I know that but I am certainly not as dedicated as her. Plus, I am not into stuffing my posts with the same daily keywords multiple times in short paragraphs. Bleh.

Anyway, the other day, I was pretty surprised that it seems like the whole web world was searching for pictures of Obama shirtless. I know, I know, he is going to be the President of the United States next month but what’s the big fuss of him shirtless and so what that there are such pictures, or not, of him on the web? I’d rather see photos of Amy Winehouse topless anytime.

As a blogger for about three years now, I am sometimes surprised with the curiosity of web users who at the same time, all want to see or read about the same thing. LOL I know, I sometimes do that as well when curiosity gets the better of me but this time, I don’t have the urge to see Obama shirtless photos at all. Do you?

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