Unable To Verify Blogger Blog With Google Webmaster Tools

I have been trying to reverify my Blogger blog after upgrading it from the old Blogger to new Blogger with a new XML layout but I keep getting the error message on Google Webmaster Central that my blog could not be verified.

I swear that I have copied the code exactly and pasted it just after the HEAD tag but still, I have not been successful and it is stressing me out. Before you ask me to check if I have my blog address right, yes it is correct since this blog was verified before I upgraded it to Blogger XML.

Also, yes, I copied the right code and pasted it in the right place. I know, I have a few other Blogger XML blogs that have been verified successfully. It’s just this one blog that is giving me a headache.

Well, I don’t know if it’s such a big deal to not be verified since many people don’t even know of the existence of Google Webmaster Central, right? Still, I hate it when something doesn’t work out as it should. GGGrrrrrrr

Somebody, please help me!!!!!

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