One-On-One Individualized Tutoring Service

My friend has a son who is a slow learner. He’s not that bad and we believe that with a little more attention, he would be able to pick up new things easily. However, like most modern parents, my friend and her husband have work to take care of and have little time to spare for their children.

I was just telling a friend that many parents send their children to extra classes, or tuition, to cope better at school. I remember reading about ClubZ many months ago, which offers an excellent option for busy parents like my friend.

ClubZ offers home tutor service for children from pre-kindergarten to adults in all core subjects, including assessment tests and music.

I am not surprised that ClubZ has been very successful not only because of personal one-on-one tutoring but also because of individualized program to suit each student. I believe personal guidance provided by ClubZ would help my friend’s son tremendously.

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