Jerry Yang, Co-Founder of Yahoo! Inc., Steps Down As CEO

Jerry Yang, the co-founder of Yahoo! Inc., which was founded in 1995, has decided to step down as CEO Monday, after months of trouble in Yahoo! during his 17-month tenure, which saw an acquisition bid from Microsoft and a failed partnership talk on advertising with Google.

Meanwhile, Jerry Yang will continue with his role as CEO until a new person is named and he will remain as a Board member after. He will also resume his role as “Chief Yahoo!” whatever this post is.

The stock market seems pretty receptive of this sudden news and stock price of Yahoo! Inc. rose slightly but it could also be due to market sentiment on other factors. With Jerry Yang out of the way, Microsoft may just continue with their talks with Yahoo! Inc. I wonder what is in store for Yahoo! in the near future.

I feel kind of sad that Yahoo! Inc. is in such a position. I practically grew up online with Yahoo!

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