Google Chrome The Fastest Web Browser

ExtremeTech, technology experts, recently ran a battery of tests on various popular web browsers and concluded that Google Chrome is by far the fastest web browser at the moment. Not only do web pages load faster, it is also more secure and could handle flash and render videos faster than the other browsers that were tested alongside Chrome; namely Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Now that Google Chrome has been released for a couple of months already, although it is still in beta, I think it’s about time I check it out myself too. What I want is just a fast web browser with tabbed browsing and automatic refresh/reload as these are required for my work.

Even so, Chrome is only used by about an estimated 1% of web surfers, with the majority of the people using Internet Explorer and 20% using Firefox. I guess Microsoft has the biggest slice of the pie because it is pre-installed in most computer systems that run on Windows. Google plans to pre-install Chrome on computer systems beginning next year as well, that is provided that they are able to bring it out of beta by then.

It would be interesting to see really how fast Chrome is compared to what I am using right now; Maxthon, Firefox and Safari. Yes, I use three browsers at the same time. Anyway, don’t we hear everyone saying how FAST Firefox is compared to Internet Explorer? I don’t think it is fast enough especially with loading it the first time. A lot of times, Maxthon is faster. But then, maybe it’s just my computer? *shrug*

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