Will You Start Afresh With Yahoo! Profiles?

I was very concerned when I learned that Yahoo! quietly wiped out all our Yahoo! Profiles and force us to start a new Profile. I think that they did that in a bid to enter the social networking arena and compete with Facebook.

The thing that angered many of us long time Yahoo! user is that there was no prior notice at all and we were all very surprised to see that every on our profile that many of us painstakingly built years ago, have gone down the drain just like that. if they could wipe out our profiles with just a click on the button, are our email accounts even safe with them?

I have had my Yahoo! account since 1990 or so and I have various IDs in my profile for different purposes. I am very concerned that now Yahoo! has forced us to only use ONE name in our profile as it no longer supports multiple IDs. So what happens to the profiles of all my other IDs? Would I have to set up different Profiles with different Yahoo! Mail accounts?

What about my email account? What about my Yahoo! Messenger? Of course, to solve this problem, I could just delete my whole Yahoo! account but I still have people writing to me in my old Yahoo! email and I have many emails still in my inbox which I do not know how to move out. I am subscribed to some pretty interesting newsletters and that is easy to change to a new email but I also use my Yahoo! Mail to log in to some websites too and that would be pretty difficult to have that changed.

In short, I hate it that Yahoo! has made a mess out of my network of IDs and the uses of Yahoo! that have suited me all these while.

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