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As the owner of an ecommerce site, I know firsthand how important traffic from search engine is. Did you know that landing on the first page of prime search engines would increase sales by about 70%? Now you know why webmasters try so hard to rank as high as possible for their specific keywords or key phrases.

Although I have come across many, and even dealt first hand with a few search engine marketing websites, today, when I was told of Headland, I decided to check out their website to see what services they offer besides Search Engine Marketing.

Besides designing and building websites, Headland also provides internet and search engine optimization and marketing, email marketing and ebook application, Pay Per Click (PPC), eSurveys and online press releases, all the while keeping track of results and growing contact database of their clients.

Generally speaking Headland, a UK based company, provides their clients with ecommerce, emarketing and brand design & development. I browsed through their list of clientele and have to say that I am very impressed that even large companies trust Headland to deliver the results that every client desires.

If you have a website, particularly a commercial site, you should optimize your site to increase traffic, and in turn, increase sales and profit.

*** This post was brought to you by Headland ***

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